To the woman who stole my life

To the woman who stole my life

To the woman who stole my life

Dear Theresa,

Where do I begin? I think about the tone in your voice when you said to me, “I’m his wife now!” I am sure you’ve waited many years to pour that over me like hot lava. Your mouth twisted sideways in the hate you’ve always felt for me. A person can tell when they are hated, you should know. All those years I never left John – all those years we stayed married. Of course you stayed married as well. Were you and John so spineless that you would both stay in marriages you loathed just so you were not alone? So pathetic.

The awesome sanctity of marriage, Theresa. Do you honestly think by telling me you are his wife now that you have respect? I suspect you have pity from some – others are just laughing at you for your stupidity. You will never get what you want. It only seems ‘star crossed’ because you are both nuts. Maybe you are a hardcore alcoholic too.

Were you aware that he abused me, abused our children? Have you ever thought about how many times he harmed the kids or me – emotionally, psychologically, physically – because he was torn up over you? Do you get how much harm you did us as individuals? Do you see how you contributed to the abuse and neglect of children? They may be grown now but they suffered because of YOU. Did your kids suffer too?

You think you should have been together all along? Perhaps. But you should know how much and how often he proclaimed his love for me, bought me gifts, went on vacations with me, laughed with me, cried with me. Are you that delusional that you actually believe we did not have a whole life? Of course we did, Theresa. He started counseling a year ago in order not to lose me. My shrink thinks he ended our marriage as he did because he feared he was losing me, not because he wanted you so much.

Did you know that he told his office mate that his Dad had been married 7 times so he could have a few more marriages?  Do you honestly believe he will stay with you? I saw pictures he posted of himself – the man I knew and loved is not present. He is completely lost to alcohol. All you did was take his drunk ass off my hands. I actually should thank you. His best years are behind him, Theresa. You are just the one who gets to nurse him while he is hungover. Lucky you.

Did you honestly believe he did not love me? Care for me? Did you not know he used to tell people that I “made him a better man”? Did you not know that he wrote me a 10-page letter when I moved to Reno begging me to come back and marry him? Has he told you about the night we were married in Reno?

Of course, I think he is a lying sack of shit now but you should know he is lying to you as well. Of course, you deserve every bit of unhappiness he pours on YOU like hot lava. Your kids and your family must be ashamed of you. I sure would be. Didn’t your friends warn you about guys like this? If you have any that is, or did you fuck all of their husbands too?


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