Seriously, wtf dude? Get your head examined.

Seriously, wtf dude? Get your head examined.

Seriously, wtf dude? Get your head examined.

OH my god, you stupid douche bag.

Seriously?! Wtf dude? You lying piece of scumbag, bat shit.

I am pissed at you and want to hurt you, but  it doesn’t just stop there.

Here is why you are an idiot why it would have never worked between us:

1. Your crap, crap, crap, oh so crap fashion sense. Homeless people dress better then you.

2. You’re a liar and a cheater. Kissing other girls, found you on dating websites.

3. You’re 30, without a full drivers license. You have no car.

4. Your house is a mess. Get a god damn cleaner or clean it yourself.

5. You have no goals or ambitions. You float around day to day.

6. You just don’t know what you want.

7. You tell me you love me, you want to protect me, call me your princess and introduce me to your mum. The same day you’re on a dating website and you’re taking out another girl for drinks.

8. You suck. You are not very bright and you don’t know how to communicate openly.

9. I just have no energy for you. Like NONE. None what so ever. Even thinking about you makes me tired.

10. You suck in bed. Boorrrriinngggggg!!!!

11. I am just too good looking for you, too smart, just, well, TOO GOOD.

12. You are selfish. And you watch every penny around me. Tight ass much?

13. I do wish you would just realize that I don’t want you. But you’re like a dog with a bone. Just won’t let go.

14. You wear dirty socks with holes in them.

15. Your family. Lord all mighty. I don’t even want to get into it. Huge mess.

Good bye you loser.

Never come near me again.


  1. That one is one of the best ones ever.

  2. FYM 9 years ago

    Haha. I could have written 99% of that myself. Thank you for doing it for me – it’s good to know I’m not the only one who made THAT mistake!

    • Princess 9 years ago

      @Reality Raver – Thank you!

      @FYM – Good to know!

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