I’m letting you go

I’m letting you go

I’m letting you go

Hey Mister,

I guess it’s about time I let this go. I know we were never really ‘in a relationship’ but it felt like it. I wish we had never gotten involved, it ruined our friendship. I miss you, I do. You were my best friend but then you cheated on me emotionally, physically, psychologically…. I felt abandoned. And then I felt the need to lie to try to get you back. I wanted you back, wanted to emotionally ‘trap’ you, and that was wrong. But, I’m moving on. I still want you, but not as much.

I want you to know I was in love with you, and I still love you… I will always care about you. You were my first, and only love. I dont want you anymore, but I want you to be happy.

Much love and sorrow,



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