I’ll always love you Byron, but…

I’ll always love you Byron, but…

I’ll always love you Byron, but…

I want you to know that for all the times you lied no matter how big, small, or white they all still hurt the same. However, I now see that the collateral damage you’ll suffer from lying is far greater than the inital pain I felt when you were dishonest. I wish you’d never lied to me but most of all I wish I never let you lie to yourself. If anything just know this: the truth only hurts for a short while but the lies you create and secrets you keep will leave you with scars forever.

Whatever you do, please don’t continue to sacrifice what you want most in life by submitting to what feels good right now.

I hope you find yourself and when you do be honest to him. He deserves it.

If you ever need a helping hand you know where to find mine, just reach out for mine and I’ll always reach back out to yours.

I love you, always will and always have even when I didn’t want to.

Althought we did love one another for all the right reasons that wasn’t a guaranteed forever and that’s ok.


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