You’re a jerk but I can’t move on

You’re a jerk but I can’t move on

You’re a jerk but I can’t move on

It’s like John Mayer situation you know, I know you’re a jerk but I still like you.

Even after 2 years we both know that we can’t move on even if we dated different people. It just don’t feel the same, isn’t it?

I wish I accept you when you apologise but it’s too late!

It’s a love hate situation. I love you but I hate you when you’re being such a jerk. It’s like dear john lyric “you paint me a blue sky but you fur it back to rain”

I want to be back in your arms, but I just can’t. I’m sorry you are what I want but not what I need you know that without you I can’t date other guys so let’s just say kiss goodbye, forever.

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  1. Jacob 9 years ago

    It’s for the best as you’ve said “hate” “jerk” & only “like” not love so their’s your answer. Love is never easy and their is always lows and highs. It’s the small things that count. Do you enjoy when your with him? If you do then that’s all that matters as we all should live in the now not the fears of the future or the anxiety of the past. Thinking to much destroys all that is love. I hope whatever you decide give them the decency of a face to face separation and be prepared for what you may not like to hear as they’ll say all they are upset at you too-truths and all. All the best

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