I´m not Adele – I wish you a miserable life, fucker.

I´m not Adele – I wish you a miserable life, fucker.

I´m not Adele – I wish you a miserable life, fucker.

My dear beloved, little, pathetic, lying, good-for-nothin, piece of monkey shit from out of space,

I wish you would have told me sooner about your ongoing relationship with Ms. Weed and how you have no intentions on breaking up with her, because you´re still so young at your end of twenties and have so very much to experience yet. I hope you have wonderful babies – to which your mother will have the same unhealthy relationship she has with you.

I wish for you to finally graduate and move out of your parents´ house, so you can pay the rent and bills yourself – because you have no idea what money and life in general is and how to handle it. Remember me working my ass off to pay everything off for you? Well, I wish your next flame is a beautiful blow-up Barbie, who will have the time of her life spending your money, before you get the chance to.

I wish for you and Barbie to have a wonderful life together. Up to the point you start working more than full-time and she will spend her time – no, not alone – but with a someone, whom she will crown ‘special friend’ and who will tear the lovely, expensive lingerie you bought her off her while you are having a business meeting at a strip club. Have time cheating on each other!

But most of all, I wish you spend your living days with a bad, burny feeling of guilt and shame. Remember how I did everything for you? How I moved across country, how I dealed with your friends and family, with your arrogance and narcissism, your lies, your blindness towards my needs and emotions?

Die wishing you could have me back. Die regretting behaving like a pig towards me. I hope someone else humiliates and disrespects you, like you did with me for over two years. And fuck off with your engagement – it´s as meaningless as your promises to be there for me in time of need. But you know, you dumped me, because you had no time for me then and I should just wait for you, when you decide to come back because of your ‘ I love you’ – srsly?

Fuck you. You really suck as a person.



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