I’ll always love you

I’ll always love you

I’ll always love you


I miss you, I feel guilty, I know I shouldn’t, but I still do. You were my rock. I leaned on you to much. I feel like I let you down in so many ways. I loved you so much. I was always faithful to you. I worked to hard. I treated you too well. I put you first. I am sorry about that. You hurt me so bad throwing away our marriage like you did. 13 years married. 18 years together. How could you cheat on me with a 26 year old heroin junkie, with 2 kids by 2 different women, no job, and that still lived with his parents.

Now he is living in the house we bought together. Mooching off of you, building fires in our fire pit with wood I cut, playing pool on our pool table, giving you flowers off of the roses I grew for you. You fucking suck. So heartbroken that you threw me away for that, I am a catch, I am strong, I work hard, I treated you right, I am a good man. You know I am not a violent person, but I am glad I smashed his face in. I hope you are happy, I hope you get fat and he leaves you with an STD or another kid he won’t take care of.

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  1. Mick 8 years ago

    I feel for you, man. It’s hard to get past such betrayal, but if you are going to live YOUR life for you, you must forgive and ask for forgiveness. Give it to God. Keep active, surround yourself with your friends and your family… Those who love and support you! All this will get better, but you’ve got to let it pass through you… Like a sickness, it will fade and become a thing that happened.

    Peace and best of luck

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