I Wish I Would’ve Told You…

I Wish I Would’ve Told You…

I Wish I Would’ve Told You…

Baby, I know what you doing to me right now.. But you are at school so i cant tell you what i want to tell you. I’m holding it in. All my thoughts, anger, confessions. Here it goes.. Honestly, I love you more than anything. Since the first time I saw you on November 11, 2013, I’ve been head over heels in love with you. You dated my ex-best friend so I couldn’t have you yet. Then you became single. We were madly, insanely in love with each other. So we dated. Almost one year with you baby. But if you were still in love with me then we’d still be here. Together. Married. Exactly like we planned. Katherine our daughter. Adam our son.

I do not know why I am wasting all these tears on you. You took my virginity. We had so many memories. I was there for you when no one else was. I am very sorry that I don’t fit your standards anymore. I hope you are happy with her instead of me. I hope she reminds you of your sister like I did. I hope she brings you soup and comforts you while your sick like i did. I hope she plays xbox with you like i did. I hope she changes in front of you like I did. I hope she texts you goodnight and good morning every single day like i did. I am really sorry for whatever I did to make you want someone else. Just remember I love you so much. with all my heart. I will never forget you. Ever. I just wish the best for you. I will still be looking at the same moon tonight that we looked at when you were away for a week.


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