You left me

You left me

You left me

Oblivion – the act of forgetting. That’s what you did. You forgot about me. You threw me away like I never even mattered. And what for? For your ‘friend’ who talked about how much of a dick you were and a whore I was to the entire world. You care so much about what people think of you that it would KILL you to have him hate you and keep talking about you. So you did the only thing you could to save your reputation.

You treated me like scum on the bottom of your shoe and now u have probably joined in with him in talking about me. That just shows how weak, self-centered and self-concious you are. You were too afraid to be talked about and unliked so you gave up the one person who u meant so much too, and now all your left with is a fake friend who still talks about you, and me. And you may think everything is ok and nobody got hurt and everything is solved. But everyday you are going to wake up alone thinking about me and he is going to wake up next to his girlfriend who makes him the happiest person alive, all because you let him do this to you, and I let you do this to me. Goodbye and good luck in the future.


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