I wish you well on your awesome new life

I wish you well on your awesome new life

I wish you well on your awesome new life

Dear D,

You dumped me. I know it’s over when you texted me more than 6 months ago that you can’t be with me anymore cox you wanted to find yourself. Then months after, I texted you wondering if you’re ok. I know you are. And you just surprised me, when you told me you have a new girlfriend. That time, I was really devastated, but I didn’t show to my friends how hurt I was. You mentioned that we are always gonna be friends. I accepted you’re friendship. And I really thought you are going to be a true friend.

Remember that one day, I texted you that I needed help over a big depressing situation I encountered. I just needed someone to hear me out. Enlighten me and tell me that it will be okay. I just wanted a day from you. But you really find excuses. That you can’t make it because you are busy and blah blah blah.. Okay, I get it. You don’t care. Thanks for being such a jerk. And I just proved that you will never be good for me. Not ever as a friend. Not as a

lover. Sometimes It felt so unfair that you are now having the time of your life the opposite of what’s happening to me.

I know I was wearing rose colored glasses for more than four years and I ignored the red flags before i was awaken.

But I’m better than being bitter and still heartbroken. I wish you well anyway.

I just hope that we will not ever cross paths not today nor in the future.


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