I don’t want a second chance

I don’t want a second chance

I don’t want a second chance


It’s been a while hasn’t it?

I guess I’m sending this because I realised a great deal about myself over the past months.

I realised that I’m not a bad person because I’m shy. But you made me feel like I was. That was my biggest problem: talking.

But at least I was honest with you. Because your opinion was the only one I needed.

I hope you understand what you did wrong, because otherwise you’ll very likely repeat the same mistakes.

I will say that all the nasty stuff you sent to ‘H’ was uncalled for. I’m so sorry sex wasn’t up to the standards set by your ex or your toys.

You should have talked to me. I deserved that much.

Don’t end up like your dad.

FYI- All forms of contact have been changed, so maybe you should vent somewhere else.


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