I’m stronger…

I’m stronger…

I’m stronger…

You are a cruel person, Jorge.

I may have not been the easiest person to live with because of my withdrawal but I loved you unconditionally. You did not even give me a chance to show you my full potential. I am an honest, sweet, sincere, passionate, loving person, whom, mark my words, you will regret loosing.

You cast me aside like a piece of garbage. You never even had enough respect for Joseph to think about him, or discuss things over with him. This is the third time a guy is ok with up and leaving his life.

You’re a selfish human being whom only thought of yourself.

Relationships are about communication. You never communicated your feelings of unhappiness to me, you took the cowards way out.

You never truly loved me. You were full of lies from day one when I gave you nothing but love and honesty.

In spite of all the above, I forgive you. I forgive you because you freed me from a horrendous compulsive liar who never truly loved me or my son. I forgive you because you helped me gain strength. I am now a driven person who has a successful income that far surpasses what you will ever earn. My faith in my God had been restored. I’ve reconnected with Joe’s family, moms family, dads family and all my lost friendships. The overwhelming support I have in my life surpasses any support you managed to muster over the years. Joseph is a renewed person too – I haven’t seen him smile so big since before I met you. He was truly uncomfortable around you. I will never fail him again in settling for someone of your worth.

Good luck with your health (the fast food and energy drinks will catch up with you), your schooling (you’ll be great *sarcastic* at paying that off – btw how did machinery and pharmacy school go?) and your love life (once a liar always a liar; your lack of communication will not go far in any relationship).


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