Life isn’t the same

Life isn’t the same

Life isn’t the same

I shouldn’t have left the way I did. I’m still not sure if you really wanted out or not. I let my past relationships affect what we had. When I would get all those texts after you promised time and time again they’d stop. I would still get them, when you promised to communicate more but wouldn’t, when you’d break our dates without so much as a word, you wouldn’t acknowledge me in public as anything but a friend. You hurt my feelings a lot. When I try to talk to you and we would agree but then more issues would come up because I was constantly being told you weren’t happy by someone you said yourself never lies. All the signs were there. You’ll never admit you wanted out so Ill never know for sure.

When I wouldn’t give you space, when I wouldn’t ignore the texts, when I would say things I didn’t mean like saying you used me, when my friend would interfere, when I would try to be macho, when I got needy I’m sure it hurt you. We made eachother cry. We never had a chance for it to be just us, to decide what we wanted. Everyone had something to say. I’d give anything for one shot to get it right. Your secrets are safe, I’ll take them to my grave. I have to admit to myself now that I pushed too hard, that if you wanted me you’d be in touch. Now I have to admit my best friend, my lover is now a stranger. I’m sorry I hurt you. I never meant to, I wanted to be your rock but its like you wouldn’t let me. I truly love you, I just wanted you to be happy again. Guess E and J got their wish. I’m sorry I failed you. I miss you.


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