This is the hardest thing I’ve had to do. You were with me for such a large part of u life you were a central part of it. You were everything I’m sorry I couldn’t show you I thought I was but I never did connect with my emotions well. I thought that always being there for you and telling you could show you that I was wrong. You realised the truth that I’m not good enough and the effort isn’t worth me and I know that I just beloved it when you said all those beautiful things but me you made me feel like a real person with no problems who’s mind was normal and was in love thank you. I’m really sorry about us I’m sorry about being me as well I tried to be the best I could. I’m.Not going to say everything I did because it wasn’t good enough. I’m glad you’ve found him and he makes you happy he is a great guy. I just wish he was me.  I still believe that were ment to be we know so so much and know how to help I’ll always be here in the background I hope you remember me you were and still are perfect and I’ll always be here. I love you still always and forever I miss you I miss you so much


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