Dear Exes

I’m writing this letter faithfully and most sincerely.

Ex 1 Years have passed since we were together and I eventually stopped thinking about you everyday, little did I know it would take over a year, agony.

I know I must take responsibility for my own feelings but you really did dent my self esteem. I was vibrant and somewhat independent before I met you, no you pursued me and in hindsight all you did was break me apart, relish the moment and try and help me heal. I know you bare a dark secret that you yourself will not accept, but it’s hard, regretful and soul destroying that I got caught up in your world.  

It’s sad because I’ll never return to the girl I once was because of ‘YOU’. I took my time before entering into another relationship because as painful as it was having misery as company. I knew that couldn’t let another man ‘rent me’ for free. I provided for you and those close to you. I compromised some things to make you happy, because giving and seeing others happy brought me joy. You were so critical of me even though you had confidence issues. Gosh! I know this but it doesn’t stop the mental scar.

I wish you well, because doing the opposite would not bode right with me . I can’t forget but my well wish is the forgiveness, I left it to God, because he saw me through the relationship and gave me a relationship as I reqyested.

Now you might be married, might have a kid or two. I use to want that for myself , but with the right person. Some of my loneliness days was when i was with you. You were so immature, so excited to prove to your friends that you had a girlfriend, how much more of a MAN did you look like playing me off against your ex girlfriend disguised as you best friend. That way, nobody would know you were gay.


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