Three memorable break-up movie scenes

Three memorable break-up movie scenes

Three memorable break-up movie scenes

break-up movie sceneI do love a good movie break-up. Whether funny, weird or truly tragic, they’re the scenes that we just can’t forget. Maybe because break-ups are so universal and so common (this relationships expert says 85 percent of relationships end up in Splitsville, which is a super cheery thought). And because, well, misery loves company, and a rip-your-heart-out break-up scene can make you feel just a little less alone.

There are literally hundreds of break-up movie scenes out there, whether it’s Rhett telling Scarlett he doesn’t give a damn in Gone With The Wind, or Noah and Allie’s gut-wrenching split in The Notebook, but I’ve whittled it down to three of my all-time favourites. Feel free to share yours in the comments.

Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine, starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, documents the breakdown of a marriage over a number of years. It’s raw and real and probably one of the more gut-wrenching break-up movies of the past decade. In this scene, Cindy tells Dean she can’t do it anymore. He begs her to consider their little girl, Frankie. It’s just baaad. The silver lining to this YouTube version are the subtitles, enabling you to practice your Espanol while you watch.

Kramer vs. Kramer

I must have watched Kramer vs Kramer 57 times at least (and always, but always, during a break-up). Meryl Streep plays Johanna Kramer, the mother whose struggle with depression and a loss of identity culminates in her leaving her husband and their little boy, Billy. A horrible scene, matched only by the one in which Ted is forced to tell Billy that his mum is coming back for him and Billy won’t be living with Ted anymore. Heart. Breaking.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Tragedy and nudity go hand in hand in this hilariously funny split-up scene featuring the devastated Peter (Jason Segal) and Sarah (Kristen Bell). Because let’s face it, no guy wants to be offering his willy on a plate to a long-term partner who’s actually about to dump him. As break-up movies go, this is all shades of awesome, thanks to a brilliantly funny supporting cast that includes Russell Brand, Mila Kunis, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill and many more.

What’s your favourite movie break-up scene? Please share in the comments!


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