It was meant to be

It was meant to be

It was meant to be

You were my first love and I knew it from the second I seen you. You’ve moved on and I probably very rarely cross your mind. But you still cross mine. Every morning, every night and every moment in between. I cry myself into oblivion. Knowing that I won’t ever be able to hold you, kiss you, laugh with you and be with you. I see you very often, but it’s like I’m a stranger, I’ve just faded into the background – just someone from your past.

We had so much potential and I would of given it my all, we could have kids, a marriage, a house, what ever you desired, I would have given it to you – and I still will.

But more than anything the things I would give to spend another day with you. But you’re occupied now, you’re life is different. So different that I can no longer play a part.

You think I’ve moved on, but I haven’t. It’s been a year and a half now. “I’ll always be waiting for you” is what you said but look who’s waiting now? Me. Waiting for you, waiting for another chance. All I ask is for another opportunity to show how good I am for you. But I guess it’s up to you.


The girl who was made for you.


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