I deserve better

I deserve better

I deserve better

LTME postHi Boo,

I waited for you for so long and you didn’t even bother to look back on us. You were my first and last kiss. I haven’t let any other man get close to me. Was I not worth for you to come back for an official break up? Essentially, I’d stopped waiting for you and begin living for myself. I don’t have any words to express myself to you anymore. If I never mattered to you in all those years then how can I expect you to care about “us” now? I gave up on this hopeless situation. I want a promise for you, if you’ve ever cared a bit about me in the past, don’t ever come back into my life. One day I will find someone new, and I don’t want you to come back and express your feelings when I’m with someone else. You have to deal with it on your own. I’ve given you enough time to come and resolve our situation, but not anymore. I don’t deserve to suffer what you and your people had made me go through. I understand we both have changed. In fact, I’ve lost all those feelings for you. Don’t ever try to reconnect with me now and in the future. I’ve deleted you out of my life forever. I just hope you take care of yourself. I don’t have the right to care about you anymore. You walked away, now I’m walking away while accepting the fact that there was never an “us” nor there will be. Don’t misinterpret this letter as a guilt trip or full of accusations. It really isn’t about that. I’m not trying to guilt trip or accuse you for anything that has happened in the past, but I do wanted to inform you that I deserve better.

Take care,


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