I hate you…

I hate you…

I hate you…

LTME postDear med

as time goes by i realise how bad you were .. you know what hurts me most is that you made me feel like shit like i was never good enough you always acted rude and you said painful stuff however i kept loving you god i was so blind you laughed at my hair and you know i was sick but you kept laughing you knew how much i hated when you pointed at my hair but you kept doing it .. you knew i was sick there where nothing i could do … just a shame on you .. there were days you made me feel loved remember our song ? the scientist? you loved singing to me especially that song remember how much i loved that song .. ! now i can’t even stand listening to it i hate you i hate every minute i spend with you you were a liar you always take but you never give all you care about is yourself .. oh and by the way thank you for cheating on me with my closest friend that didn’t hurt really


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