LTME post30/09/2015
Dearest Chanel
Hope you are well,
This is a letter to you not to torment you nor to hurt you nor interfere in your life but rather to say I am sorry…..
I am sorry I wasn’t the person you needed, I am sorry for the way I treated you, I am sorry for all the tears I caused you, in life we react to the actions people place on us, you lied to me a couple of times but I shouldn’t have punished you as I did, I understand my selfishness and the way I was. No matter what you did I should have behaved more maturely, I shouldn’t have hurt you even though you hurt me I know myself to be better than that maybe it was just how much I did care for you,
However I do thank you for the good times, I thank you for when it was good, I thank you for your smiles at me and the little quirks we shared, I thank you for believing in me and being there for me,
So in conclusion I forgive you for all your transgressions towards me and in turn I ask for your forgiveness on me


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