The things I’ll never get to say

The things I’ll never get to say

The things I’ll never get to say

LTME postHello my angel,

I bet she calls you that now. I bet all our little nicknames now belong to you and her. I bet you never think of me and I bet you wake up next to her…

I wish I could call you and say I still love you. I wish I could text and tell you I still care. But instead I’ll write a letter full of everything I wish you knew.

I wish you knew, a thousand times a day a thought of you appears. I wish you knew how I miss our silly laughs and all the amazing times we shared. I wish I could run to you and kiss you one more time, I wish you could hold me tight and never let go.

My love, I wish you knew how every other night I dream of you. Only to wake up and realize that it was just another fantasy. Sweetheart I wish the boy in my dream was you. But it isn’t it is who you used to be and that is the saddest part of all.
I am still in love with a boy who no longer exists – who hasn’t been around in years. I’m in love with a memory and I don’t know how to let go…

Angel, I hope you know I still think about your blue blue eyes and I remember what it feels like laying in your arms. And I wish I could hold on to that feeling for all eternity.

I heard about your new job – congratulations on that and I’m sorry I wasn’t around to tell you in person. By the looks of the photos I’m glad to see you’re having fun – I’m sorry I couldn’t be the person to share that with you ♡

But Baby? What are you doing to yourself? I’ve heard it all. I know about everything. I know how you started ‘having fun’ with her – I bet you thought I didn’t know (or would you even care). It hurts more than words can say to know you’re sharing that moment with her that was supposed to be special between us. It hurts (my darling) to know that because of what you’ve done with her, you and I will never again have a chance – I guess you had to move on sometime…

But my love the worst is what I’ve heard more recently, I hear you’re back to your old ways. I hear you and your favourite friend have been reunited. I thought you were past that part of your life. Angel don’t throw everything you have away. I bet she does it with you. I bet you love that. But My Love don’t you remember how it fucked up everything last time? Baby don’t you remember how dependent you were. How it literally was all you lived for. My Angel I hope you’re not in too deep yet. Dont throw your life away for a little white bag. It isn’t worth it.

Angel I wish I could still fall asleep in your arms, darling I wish I could still kiss you goodnight. Baby I wish you were the boy in my dreams. I will love you forever.

Just know you deserve what’s best for you (and she’s not it, my love).

Take care, my angel
I will always love you

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  1. squishy 5 years ago

    Yareli was this you?

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