I Tried Now It’s Time To Move On

I Tried Now It’s Time To Move On

I Tried Now It’s Time To Move On

LTME postHello Ashley,

I know I had repeated the same mistakes multiple times in the past. You’ve told me multiple times in the past how I’ve treated you, and honestly I thought it was the personality you hold. (I loved it) So I threw it off my shoulder.. Everyhing you ever tagged me in on Facebook is so true. I’m the one hurting while you slowly move on or whatever you claim to be doing.

I think back on how we used to be, that bond, connection, the meaning you fucking held. You told me I’ll never stop feeling the same. I thank you for that. Want to know why? Because you can’t trust every word that comes out of people’s mouth.

I know I cheated, said things, and started to get too comfortable in the relationship. Oh yeah she’ll never leave that mindset.. I Promise and when I make promises you know I don’t break those, that held a lot of meaning also, I Promise you mark Giovanni’s words I will never do what I did to you, again, with anybody else! I changed can’t you see? It don’t matter..

When we broke up, you told me how it was too early to go out in the single life. What another lie. I put too much trust into you. Hell you was my First Love, first for a lot of things..

You wasn’t willing to see that I changed, you wasn’t willing to work us out. Treated us, and my feelings like a game. And I can say it ran it’s course.

When we broke up I lost myself. Hopefully one day you’ll never have to go through this pain. I lost a good girl. Now it’s time to step back down into reality and stop putting you so damn high up on that throne. Just for you to treat me like a waste of damn time/space.

It hurts the most cause of how fast you moved on. Makes me wonder things like, have you been disconnecting? Do I not mean nothing anymore? Is the love that you held for me at once still there? Do you even care? Many unanswered questions. When I think about it truly I don’t even wanna know the answer. I WANT NOTHING TO FUCKING DO WITH YOU.

I’m so tired of feeling sick and tired. Sitting on hope that isn’t there. Thinking about how things could’ve been for us. I want to get past this endless maze. From now on if you ever get this message I’m having the mindset of no future. I found more worth in myself to let you string me along with hope that isn’t there. I held on for the longest. You pushed me far far far away.

You post pictures of you and Angel? How cute it bothers me now but I know a year from now it won’t matter. None of this nonsense will. We did everything with each other for the first time with each other so I bet nothing going to be special with you and Angel. Especially that I know you ain’t over me, completelt. I have a life and it’s time to take control of that life and to stop being played like a video game. I let it slide for to long.

You tell me what I wanna hear, just to keep me interested, to keep me going. I was so stupid to think that my future had you in it. I kinda believe it once in a while but it is getting so faint.

I would do anything to find that loyalty, faithfulness, love, and care. Guess there isn’t or wasn’t much of that, cause now you treat me like I’m nothing. You was perfect the package hand delivered and I returned it. Just everything about you had me star dazing.

I’m tired of beating myself up. It is what it is. You got a life you going to do what you want to do with it. I can’t change your mind about anything anymore. And same to me if you think you’ll have any control over me, nah.

Everybody tells me I should move on. I wasn’t trying, just disagreed, and kept my hopes high. Really knowing deep inside that there isn’t a damn future. I just liked hearing it, I guess?

Soothing but now like I said it’s time for me to get a reality check, shit I took it, cause now I’m trying to move on.

I wish things could’ve worked out between us, what’s meant to be is meant to be, if one day you decide to come back and I haven’t moved on yet which I’m trying hard to, then I guess it was meant to be. I want to stay true to you but I don’t know if we have a future, and I most definitely don’t know if you’re staying true to me. Whatever happens is God’s plan!

Also I’m too young to be hurt like I am, plenty of fish in the sea, and I’m gonna search. Fuck waiting, I loved you truly, and cared for you truly. I took you for granted I guess it’s your turn. Have a nice life.

Sincerely ~ Gio


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