You deserve a standing ovation

You deserve a standing ovation

You deserve a standing ovation

LTME postTrixie,

There was something about you that just made me go all in. i have bet everything on you with no reserves. and i lost.
you said that you thought that i was cheating on you when you saw that text message from a girl at 4a.m. in the morning. It was impossible for me to cheat…. and i did not want to….. you were my end game. I wanted nothing else

true there were other women still interested in me but none of them mattered. i wanted you. Just you.

you told me to give love a chance. i did… i put my self out there. and to my dismay you bailed when u said that i am cheating ( which i did not)

then i had to find out that. you had other suitors or guys messaging you. guess i played the fool. but i have learned that i can still love. and to love…. what a great feeling it is… to give everything. to put ur needs above my own. to sacrifice for you… and i would do it over and over again.

imagine the hurt and sense of betrayal when i found out just today from a mutual friend. someone close to you who told me… Adrian…. you should move on. you are a good man and you do not deserve to be treated like this.. imagine this…..

i had to run to a public toilet and lock myself in a cubicle and cry for half an hour. and i still love you.
i know i have to let go….. i know there was no malicious intent. it was all circumstances even though how messed up it was….

still the last message i wrote to you was true.. i just want you to be happy. and if you are happy with this other guy. so be it. you do not deserve my love even though you have it. over time. i will rein in back and give it to someone who appreciates it truly…



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