How do I say goodbye?

How do I say goodbye?

How do I say goodbye?

LTME-postMr Z,

I cannot believe that we got to this point, as I am writing this letter my heart feels like it is in a million pieces…I don’t want to let go…

I still love you with all my heart…you were the one and you will always be. I know you still love me too, I wish we met under different circumstances cause you said it yourself, only yesterday…only you and I know how great we can be together and that you still feel the same about me.

How do I say goodbye to the one person I could share anything with and the one person who accepted me for myself. Worst is I know that you also didn’t wanna say goodbye but life and people came between us. Why does life have to be so complicated and unfair, why can’t two people just be together if they are meant to be and if they love eachother.

I want to stop hurting, I have to move on…if only it didn’t have to be without you……xxxx

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  1. mare 4 years ago

    Wow that’s sweet but dont blame others if it were meant to it would be ,dont be in unfair to the next because one day u could loose it alp

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