We can’t even be mature about it?

We can’t even be mature about it?

We can’t even be mature about it?

LTME-postHello ex.

Where to begin?

I’d like to first start off my yelling at you. You are ridiculous. It was your idea to break up. You said “i don’t see you in my future” so I said “alright, we’re over.” You wanted to be friends and so we tried. It didn’t work out because you would mess with my emotions, pulling me back when I was ready to move on. I was seeing a really nice guy. But you messed with my emotions and I was weak. I slept with you. I was silly and wanted you back. No matter how awful of a boyfriend you were, I was willing to accept because I love you. In May, you kept texting me, wanting me to come back to you, asking me to move in with you and be the person who wakes up to you every morning. We kept texting, back and forth until the end of July.

In August, I saw on your Facebook that you were in a new relationship. I was hurt. You played. You played her and me. What were you trying to accomplish? I stepped back because as long as you are happy, I’m content. Then later I realize you unfriended me on Facebook. It’s like we never met.

Why would you do that? You think I would stalk you? Yes, I want to know that you’re happy. Silly me.

I stalked her. On her Facebook it says you guys started dating on July 4…while you were still texting me. I now look at it and laugh. You sly little prick. You had her but asked for me. I wish i still had the texts to send to her. She doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. I thought after everything, you would learn to be a better boyfriend. But you didn’t. I now smile, knowing that she makes you happy (hopefully) and she can continue being happy with you. It’s no longer my problem. I see how you really are. And I’m glad that you left my life.

I thought we could be mature. Maybe in a few years we could be friends and move past everything. Nope. You want to remove me from your life, like nothing happened. I respect your decision.

Thank God for letting those who shouldn’t be in my life leave. And thank God for the nice guy who is willing to forgive me for messing up and start again with me. He is much better than you. If you ever read this, then I got nothing to say to you. You made your choice. And I’m better off with out you. Glad it’s over with.


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