Strangers to lovers then back to strangers

Strangers to lovers then back to strangers

Strangers to lovers then back to strangers

LTME-postDear SJH

We started as best friends, you opened up to me almost about everything and you broke down these walls to reach my heart, you were the only person who did that for me. it felt so real, i got so scared but i chose to trust you, especially when i grew feelings for you, i let my guard down, i let you in, because to me, having my heart broken by you is something i wanted somehow, but i never you thought you’d break my heart in to pieces that i don’t even know where to begin. When you promised that you’ll be my forever, i believed you, i may not be the perfect guy but i know i gave me all, and still end up being the bad person. I have fought hard for this relationship to work out, i guess i was the only one wanting this relationship to last. I am aware that you view me now as an abusive ex boyfriend and only GOD knows why, i’m sorry if i ever hurt you in any way for you to walk away like i meant nothing to you. After a month of grieving and working on myself, i thought i was doing a great job moving on until i saw you with someone else, now i’m back to square one. I know you’ve moved on, and that’s okay. I just wish i had that closure i’ve always wanted but you were to scared to even be near me. I wish you well SJH, One day i’ll be able to smile again, like the smile you used to put in this face when you were mine. I hope this new guy treats you the way you deserve to be treated. You will always have the biggest part of my heart. Goodbye stranger.


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