I still love you

I still love you

I still love you

LTME-postToday once again I checked her Facebook profile. and i was happy and sad at the same time. This is because i love her as much I hate her. I love her because she made me dream at daylight. And I kept on falling for her, deeper and deeper. And i hate her because she played me real bad

Despite being born in a country where virginity matters for a girl in order to get married, i loved her.I knew she was not a virgin but still i loved her. But she all gave me was a lie and a dream which could never be fulfilled. And i kept on dreaming like a mad person.I had sex with her for the first time. It’s not that i didn’t notice her behaviors from the starting of our relationship but i can’t understand why i still love her? Is it because i lost my virginity to her? or is it because i was an ugly guy who never would get a beautiful girl for his whole life time? I just don’t know why.

“Alina i still love you”. This is the last thing i remember the most. We were both drunk and she was yelling at me “I love u”. And I was spitting all over her face repeatedly and yelling the same phrase again and again….”I still love you”. Then soon the alcohol and the tablets started reacting and gave her uneasy feelings. She wanted to go home but I had forced her to stay at my room.And now it was too dark to go outside the room. Soon she started to lose her consciousness. She was crying and saying”I DON’T WANNA DIE, PLEASE SAVE ME. TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL”. I was already having chills running through my whole body.I didn’t know what to do. Then she started vomiting. I held her and pulled the bucket from the side. I knew she was in pain. Then a few moments later she wanted to pee. I opened up her clothes and made her sit on the same bucket. If t took her outside the room then other people would see that I had kept a girl at night in my room. That’s what is my society like.Then i cleaned her up, changed her clothes and slept with her by my side.She also promised that she would never drink onwards .I knew that it was a lie but still I wanted to believe her but i had thousands of reasons not to believe her.And the next morning she was happy that she had me . We had sex in the morning and she was happy that I would love her unconditionally despite she would go and make out with other handsome boys out there.

That was my last day at Bhaktapur . I was there at a single room for one and a half year and now I had started realizing that she was using me.She was literally a drama queen. I just can’t imagine how lower she could get and play with my feelings. I still haven’t understood her.
After one year of my stay there at Bhaktapur I had met her. At our first date we had sex. OMG !!! how can a good girl let that happen. I just thought that sex was an expression of love of her towards me. That was the time I had sex with a girl for the first time and I was already 19 years old. If I was late by one year then I would have crossed my teen age.

Then the days went by I called her 2-3 times a day but never received a single call. As I was a high-school student I was also fighting with finance and had no enough money by my side. Then she called in the evening, It was November that month and on January she went to Thamel in order to celebrate her boy best friend’s birthday. I didn’t oppose her. While with me she didn’t let me touch her phone neither would she let me have her facebook password.I had loved her truly and I thought she understood my love. Then she proposed me on February during the Valentines week. She would come to my room and we would fuck all day.My room was on her way to home and college so she often came to mine. I helped her with her home works.We never had a talk on personal basis which I always had wanted. I wanted to know her and soon began to learn about her. I listened to her for hours but she would never ask about me, and it was so heartbreaking. Then I saw her photos with her best friend,”Sushant”. They were basically holding hands and hugging. I didn’t say a word. I just knew she was the type of girl who had links with many boys.She was really beautiful. And her moans during sex were explainable.The way she sucked my dick.I loved that.

I also found comments that sushant had posted her facebook photos.But she had all reasons for explaining those. She said that sushant was making his girlfriend jealous by commenting on Alina’s posts.I used to wait her empty stomach after my college got over.And we both used to have lunch together on a single plate that I had.One day I found out old text messages of hers with sushant. All of them were full of doubts. Then I decided to meet that guy> I was shocked that he knew more than I knew about alina. From her seductive kisses to the colour of her panties to the estimated size of her nipples. Then the next day I called her early in the morning at 4am and fucked her . Asked 500 rupees with her and asked her to return as soon as possible from her college . Then I told her that I met Sushant the previous day. She again had her excuses.She kept on saying that sushant was her best friend and even called him and scolded him. I was in love with her,so I believed her.Then days went by and her behaviors were the same.
Then came again one day, by this time she had given me her facebook password so I checked her deleted old messages.And I soon realised that the girl whom I was madly in love was a bitch. She had affairs with many boys and had sex with several others.In fact Sushant was also her boyfriend.One of the message was that “Alina did u take pills?”. I was devastated . But still I loved her.I tried to control myself for weeks.I thought that she was afraid to loose me ,so she was lying me about Sushant. But I couldn’t control myself and one night I texted her and asked about Sushant. She still had all reasons in front of her. And I went to meet the very next day. She was already in her own world happy without caring of my feelings. Then after returning home I couldn’t stop my tears running. She was also in tears. She asked me”Sandarsha, Why do you love me so much?”. I had no answer. But I tried to explain it.”Now a days people tend to search for true love. We also want others to love us truly but why don’t me make effort from our side.”
Then soon we were all along together. We used to have sex all day.Nd that time my favorite song was by Zyan Malik,”Pillow Talk” and the best part of lyrics was, “fucking and fighting on, its our paradise and its our war zone ”.and at the evening she used to call her brother to get her ride to her home on his bike. his name was Bikash.
Most of the time they were together but I don’t want to extend the story longer.I found that he was not her brother . Instead she was fucking him too. She is a bitch> I hate her . I just don’t understand that why do I love her soo much. Fucking bitch


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