To my traveller

To my traveller

To my traveller

LTME-postDear A.H

Its been 2.5 years now since the last times we spoke. The first year was an absolute mess for me… i was completely wrecked. Part of me still is. The part that will always belong to you. Even after all that happened, you still have a place in my heart. You always will.

Its funny how after years of being together you can go from being the closest person to not knowing at all. Now days when weve stumbled across, it get completely locked. I cant function at all. The rush of feelings is so strong. So many questions going through my head, that i cant even look at you.

Im in a good place now, im happy, except the part that still misses you, your huge bowls of pasta and our moments.

What i just wanted to say is, i still love you. I might not show it but i do. Dont know if we will ever talk but… even if not, i hope all the best to you. Hope H is okay, you both mean the world to me.



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