It’s only been 2 months

It’s only been 2 months

It’s only been 2 months

LTME-postOk, 2 and a half, but who’s counting? I’d actually forgotten it’s only been that long, it feels like ages ago. I guess that’s a good sign. I still get angry when I see examples of exactly the sort of neglect and ignoring me that you kept denying doing before you grew a pair and broke up with me. Only difference now is, I don’t really care anymore, I mean other than the vague twinge of anger. You were a dick, in the way you treated me, the cowardly way you broke up with me, and you still are a dick. You didn’t deserve me, I just couldn’t see it then. I was so wrapped up in trying to figure out what made you happy, I was hurting myself. You’re a selfish, heartless, dishonest prick. You did me a favor, because it woke me up to the damage you were doing to me. You don’t get full credit, of course, because I let you do it. Congratulations, you taught me what to avoid in the future. The right man will come along, and I’ll forget you, just as you’ve forgotten me. Your loss, asshole.

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  1. Shakira M. Garcia Diaz 5 years ago

    This honestly made me feel so much better. Thank you

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