A letter to my ex on what could have been our 2 year anniversary

A letter to my ex on what could have been our 2 year anniversary

A letter to my ex on what could have been our 2 year anniversary


So, Happy 2 year anniversary from the day you decided to choose me out of the handful of girls you met, to be your first girlfriend. Not that means anything to you now, but i bet it did 2 years ago. I mean there must have been some reason why you made that decision, just like i guess you do for breaking up with me for the second time. But apparently you forgot why I was once such an important person in your life. When you broke it off for the first time, I told myself that we deserved to know what life feels like without each other. After 3 months I thought we both agreed that it was utter hell, so you came back and knowing all the hurt it put us through, you swore you’d never do it again. Well, guess you proved to not be trustworthy for the second time. I thought the second time round would hurt less since I already went through the whole break-up process once. But on the contrary, it ended up being harder: because this time not only I have you to blame for being a jerk, but I have also me who took you back thinking you won’t bail out again when things gets hard.

Anyways I hope you’ll come back telling me what a fool you’ve been to make the same mistake twice; I accepted you back the last time, because I thought I couldn’t live with myself thinking I was the reason we’re not together. But this time I will try my best to be okay with myself to be the one who’s holding us from being together, just like you are always okay with yourself keeping us apart only when it’s convenient to you.

Happy Anniversary
Always yours
Your first love


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