LTME-postI’m just writing to let you know I miss you. I have learned so much from our relationship and how too be a man and you, yes you, saved me from myself. I know we both made our mistakea but i cant help but feel responsible for the demise. I wish you knew how much ive changed and grew. We had such a bond. I can’t imagine that with anyone else and it kills me thats its been months and I havent heard from you. Im guessing your really over it, huh? I guess I understand it’s just the memories of what we had and what we were capable of being. I know you may of been the lesson to prepare me for my blessing but J can I be honest with you? I too this day wish
You were that blessing and we were only separated too take some time too heal and grow. I can’t imagine having the bond we had with someone else and I’m suprised and curious if deep down uou think you could. I guess I have no chocie too move on and just get on with my life. Only time will tell whats meant too be. I just hope on some level you miss me too.

I love you and I guess….as much as it kills me, goodbye.

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  1. Nashville 5 years ago

    Wow. I came here looking for song ideas to write, and you gave me some really honest, profound material here. Thanks for your honesty.

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