Everything I will never say

Everything I will never say

Everything I will never say

LTME-postA, You came into my life like a tidal wave and it was everything all at once. I was blinded by lust or love or something.
I never listened to the friend that pointed out your possessiveness or controlling behaviours. In fact to this day we still never talk.
But you became obsessed with my male colleagues and friends, my outfits, who was going out or when I was home.
The warning signs of you reading every single message on my phone as I slept, or looking through my social media messages from before we had even met. I let you off as insecure.
When the anger crept in with broken lamps and doors I decided it was my fault for getting you worked up. I thought it was the norm for couples to not talk in bed or the next morning.
When you pushed me down the stairs to the pool cutting my foot up and badly bruising my leg as I tried to walk from the start of an argument. How I wished I had never stopped walking. Or two days after when you swore nothing had happened with the girl that text -when it had.
For all the times you got off your face on pills. Or the times you put me down for my job or anything you could.
For all the times I tried to fix us, even after you cheated 3 times in a fortnight with different girls.
And the times I felt like I was going insane with the stress of trying to hold us together.

For all those times this is what I can say:
I am stronger
I am happier
I am proud of who I am
I have found the most amazing, loving, loyal, modest, caring and charming guy
I know my own worth, and I can safely say I will never let a man treat me that way ever ever again.
OH……… and it turns I didn’t lose the ability to orgasm from sex!! – who said size doesn’t matter?!


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