Dear me!

LTME-postDear Evan, I wish I could say I’m saddened by the thought you’re far away from me, but I’m not!
Dear Evan, I hope when you read this you can’t sleep, can’t eat, I hope when you read this you feel like a bug is crawling under your fucking skin, piercing through your veins when you think about all the sick twisted things you’ve done to to me!
Dear Evan, I hope every time you close your eyes you think about all the ways you lied, cheated and scammed me with that fake, hating, coal, disgraceful heart you have! I hope every bone in your fucking body hurts to the point where it feels like there’s fire in you skin! I hope you feel as a needle is sliding slowly beneath your finger nail, because it felt like that to me!
Dear Evan, I hope you understand what a disgrace you are to humanity, what a low life scum, nothing for good dirt under my shoes you’re! I hope you remember taking away love in a girls heart, stealing her trust and turning it to crumbles, only for her to fill it with lies and blame! I hope you remember all the sick things you’ve done to me! I hope you try to figure out who this is! I hope all the faces and voices come back into your head while you analyze and stare at this letter, wondering who could write such a thing! Funny how many people did you think of while trying to figure it out? I hope you feel lost, and at fault, like walking on broken glass barefoot, and still feel numb because your pain is so overwhelming you can’t feel!
Dear Evan, I hope every person you talk to, look at, hear, makes you think of me, I hope it eats what’s left of your soul, I hope you can see my smile and that it never fades. I hope you laugh at this and remember where you are, where you’re supposed to be! In a 4 by 4 go ahead take a look around you’re here for the next few years!
Dear me, you’re free unlike, dear Evan, You’re growing and you’re loved, by someone who cares for you so much, he didn’t promise me the world he fucking gave it to me! Dear me, you will be married in 2019 while dear Evan, is still behind bars.
Dear me, you have healed 90 percent the other 10 percent is in this letter and when dear Evan opens it, all the lies, the pain, the bleeding will endure him, and you will never have to think twice about dear Evan again!

Ps, thank you for doing all the shitty things to me!
Because I would have NEVER found the love of my life if it wasn’t for you!
So thank you Evan! I really hope these 3 years go by slow for you!!


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