My last letter for her.

My last letter for her.

My last letter for her.

LTME-postLesley, this is the last letter that I’m going to write for you.

It’s been 30 days and I’m still here missing your face
I don’t know how you’ve been lately but here I am, still feeling lonely
I can see you happy now, especially now that I’m far
It hurts to see you go and now I feel so alone
I’ve spent a lot of days with you, You’re the only person who knows me this deep
Maybe that’s why lately I can’t sleep
Longing for you because you are no longer you
But listen, if I ever got a chance to bring back time
Maybe to start again? change something? or to make everything fine
…No, I won’t take it.
Because maybe we’re better off apart, maybe we are not destined to be together
We both know it, we’ve seen each other grow while growing apart
It’s time to move on.
So Lesley, this will be the last letter for you
You are free now, I love you, goodbye.


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