Goodbye, see you never

Goodbye, see you never

Goodbye, see you never

LTME-postDear Ex,
I can’t forgive what you’ve done and how much stress and crying you put me through. I wasn’t happy with my life so I changed it for the better but all you want to do it get back into it. I truly don’t understand why you say you love me so that means you should be able to let go for the best, right? All you want to do is make me feel like complete shit. I can’t say I never loved you but I felt like an object to you. Do you truly feel the way you do or is it just to piss me off? Yes I might have talked about our future together but I decided it wasn’t the best thing. I should have listened to my mom. As I sit here typing this I just cant help but to think about how much you hurt me and ask me to tell you but when I did you yell at me. Our relationship was a struggle but it wasn’t the one for me. All we would ever do is fight and you wouldn’t ever want to stop touching me. Yes I went to my ex before but I kept it from you for a reason. I always have my reasoning but that doesn’t mean I cheated on you. I always feel like I need someone to talk to and he just so happen to be the one. Everything was built on lies and hiding things. I stopped loving you the moment you felt the need to break up with me. At that moment I sat and thought to myself thinking was it the best thing for us? I might have said okay to getting back together but I didn’t know what I truly wanted. Now I want someone who can bring the best out of me. Not only that but to be there for me all the time even when they don’t care. The little things are what matters. I didn’t care about buying stuff and going to dinner. I cared about how you felt towards me when you weren’t trying to get in my pants. I couldn’t do anything without thinking what would you think? Would he like me doing this? I worried more about what you thought than my own family. Its so easy to let go of your because I felt like we were just fucking around. Never would I have thought I would act some of the ways I have been but I know that there is a silver lining. I also don’t regret breaking up with you because I have been truly seeing how you feel by the way you act. I can’t believe that by one act by me you acted the way you did. You might not ever understand me and I might never understand you. I truly feel like we were dating just to date and sometimes I didn’t feel loved. We also got to the point where we didn’t care if we said you are a bitch. How is that okay? What makes it okay for you to call me a bitch? I don’t get it. For some reason I think I thought that there weren’t any other fish in the sea that could treat me better. Little did I know that there are people that care about me more than you ever thought you did. Even though you did do anything for me I can’t say it wasn’t enough but it wasn’t. You know I’ve actually not cried at all since we broke up. That says a lot. If you don’t get that it means I was ready to do it. Not only did I know that I had a fantastic group of friends to be there for me but they also know me the best. Hell they know me better that I know myself. You might think that going to them for answers is right when I’m truly the only one who can answer it right. I will never be able to explain how much hate I have for you. I hate you more than my ex. That is hard to get too.

The best answer for everything I’ve done is that you weren’t the one for me.

I hate you,
Your ex

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  1. Broken 4 years ago

    When actions and words are contradictory to true feelings, it’s hardly fair to hold the other responsible for anything that seems out of place. You can’t expect anyone to know what’s going on if you are unwilling to share true feelings. Coming pertly blindsiding someone is a recipe for a disaster that could have been completely avoided by simply being honest.

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