LTME-postTo the one I thought was “forever”,

I never expected us to end. I don’t know that i’ll end up calling you my “ex”. But the day has come, my worst fear has come. I know that you both made mistakes but i thought you would fight for me. For us. I thought we were in this together. But you…gave up. You left me. A part of me still hope that we would work this out.. we still could but i don’t know if you have moved on.. i’m moving on for good.. even if i have to try again, i want a new start with you.

Sorry, i’m sorry for all those times i put you in trouble. I’m sorry for not being there for you when you needed me. I’m sorry for not understanding you. I’m sorry for making you cry.. i’m sorry for everything.

Thank you, thank you for all those memories you gave me. For all those times you stood up for me. For being there for me and for making me a better person..

And i want you to know that i did loved you with all my heart and i still do.. but i’m letting you go.. i’m setting you free.. that’s what you want isn’t ? If i have to go back to that time when i send you the friend request, i’ll still send it. I did not regret anything. You’ll always my first love.. i’ll never forget you.

But i wish you didn’t give up on me.. If it is meant to be, it will.. i hope if we get to talk again, we fix these and work it out.. Stay healthy.. i love you


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