Once best friends, now strangers

Once best friends, now strangers

Once best friends, now strangers

LTME-postDear Brenton,
Once we were best friends, we grew up in the same street. A few years down the track we ran into each other.. a couple weeks pasted by and we starting talking everyday. Then it came to seeing each other every night.. then became our relationship. We told each other everything. Did everything together.. then we started to make plans for our future… then one day I was sitting on our lounge waiting for you to come home but I got a text message saying we are over.. you came home drunk… could talked to me.. just yelled.. I was broken into a million pieces. I not only lost my partner I lost my best friend.. now we don’t speak. I sit here thinking what I did so wrong. All you keep saying is you want me to be happy but why can’t you see that you are the person that makes me happy.. to fall in love with my best friend was my dream and it happen now your gone…. I still love you and I’m heart broken you can’t see that…

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  1. Shai 5 years ago

    when people breakup for no reason, i feel its because they are guilty or ashamed of something they cannot reveal to you

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