You stopped loving me

You stopped loving me

You stopped loving me

LTME-postDear you

I always thought we were united by something special and that nothing could ever separate us.
I knew everything about you, you knew everything about me. We were honest about everything. I thought we were special together.

However, it seems I was wrong. You left me.

You stopped loving me or whatever. I still can’t understand what I did wrong.
I was just focused in loving you all the time. I loved you with every part of me.
Maybe that’s the problem I loved you so much and you didn’t love me enough. You didn’t fight, you didn’t stay.

You said you wanted me to stay with you forever, but then you left me with no explanation.
The last 4 days we saw each other were hell. You treated me like a stranger. Like I didn’t mean anything to you.

I’m still confused though… You told me so many things I can still remember.

You even told me once, with tears in your eyes “you don’t know what you mean to me”.
I still remember that moment and I can’t understand why are we apart now.

I miss you everyday and every hour. I miss you so much it hurts.
I can’t believe your silence. I can’t believe you still don’t miss me. I can’t believe you’re not sorry about how things ended yet.

I’m not waiting for you anymore. I’m done.
You hurt me so badly I can’t no longer wait for you.
But I still love you and I’m not sure I will ever stop loving you.
I’m pretty sure you were the love of my life but you hurt me and broke my heart like nobody ever did before.

I hope someday you can realize how much I loved you.
I felt a real connection between us, but you broke it. You didn’t fight. You didn’t stay.
You gave up. We were good together (or at least I thought we were) and I will miss you everyday of my life. But you gave up.

I already said how sorry I am for everything I did wrong.. But you just stayed quiet. You didn’t reply. Your silence is like knives going inside my heart a million times.

Now I realize that maybe the only thing I did wrong was loving you. It only ended up hurting me.
Maybe now you’re happy without me, and it’s ok. I just wish you were here. I really do.

I also would like you to read this. But since you won’t, I can only pray for you to be happy, and finally find someone you will truly love. Someone who will be able to make you stay and fight.

I really hope you find someone who loves you half of how much I loved you

I hope one day you can heal, I hope one day you can let yourself be loved the way I was loving you.

You can’t imagine how much I miss you and how much I love you.
I know we will be able to talk someday… And I really REALLY hope my heart will be healed by then.

I’m moving on right now as I promised the last day we saw each other. I can’t wait for you anymore. Maybe soon someone will pick up the pieces of my heart and will put them together.
Maybe I will give myself a chance to love again soon.

I hope you can heal and be the woman I know you are inside.
I hope you can find what you’re looking for.
And I really hope you can realize I’m not your enemy.

I hate to say it but I do still love you C.




  1. P 5 years ago

    I stumbled upon this site and this letter was the first I opened. You have no idea how much truth it speaks to me. While every situation is different, know that you are not alone in the feelings you expressed in this letter. I’ve never read something that was so true to my own breakup. The unanswered questions and confusion is the hardest part of it all. I just want you to know that this letter has helped me. I have it saved to my bookmarks…every once in a while I open it up and read it again to remind myself that if he wanted to be with me, he would make it happen. He may be the man I’m still in love with but I deserve better. I deserve someone who fights for me and would never let me go. And so do you. I hope you continue to find peace and healing during your process of moving forward. Wishing you all the best and much happiness.

  2. Carol Wakley 3 months ago

    I loved you so much. I knew when you quit loving me. The cruel and mean things you did to me to punish me have stuck with me through the years. Even if you didn’t love me, who does those things to someone they are married to? I’m not talking about the affair but the physical pain. Using the holds on me at 100 lbs that you learned in DT. I know that none of your other law enforcement buddies did that to their wives. Or the pressure points you practiced on me. Telling the kids, “I don’t know what’s wrong with Mommie, I am just holding her hand”. You said you were trapped by me and the kids. I asked you to leave when I finally gave up and admitted to myself that you never did and never wanted your kids and then after the divorce you sued me for custody of your son, but not your daughters. Even with your lies you lost but the pain you put us all through was horrible. I wasted 18 years of my life with you. I loved you so much and you treated me so horribly. The pain hurts so bad even 20 years later. I hope writing this letter will heal me nothing else has.

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