LTME-postDear AK,
I have loved you for a thousand years. You were my everything in all times. I only came to define love after you. You gave the love its meaning and your eyes made it glow.

Yet, with that great amount of love, with that great amount of deep connection, you dared to destroy every moment in the most enormous way possible. Your cheating did break every cell in me and made me question every thought and every conversation and every moment we had.

It also made me doubtful of my inner inside deep personality features. It broke me and I am now left lost, alone and drowning. It just feels like withdrawal after being addicted on you for ever.

All of me forgive you yet all of me wish to punish you. I did nothing to lose a person who was my true and only soulmate. Yet, I really wonder if you were such in deep love with me, how could it that it was so easy to forget me when it happened? !!

I am writing here to tell you that you I wish nothing but misery in your upcoming relationship. I wish you cry everyday on how you sacrificed our everything that we had. And its not me who is leaving, rather you left when you decided to be with someone else.

I also wanna tell you that I miss you like hell. So much, unbelievably much.

Please get me back and i dont know how. Find a way.


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