The Phone Call

The Phone Call

The Phone Call

LTME-postI miss your soft skin, the way you would look at me with your eyes. I miss when you would call my name, or when you would say stop it Freddy.

I miss when you would sleep, and I could just kiss your forehead, 100 times, and squeeze you cuz I was so happy you were mine. I miss picking up your clothes, lol and your mess. I miss u saying no, or to hurry up.

You made a choice to forget all that was right, I realized I have been holding on to someone that doesn’t exist no more. My past. I had a future, Elias! But just like you choose to forget our love, you choose to also give him to someone else. You cause me pain and hurt. In my past , you were nothing but love.

See how easy it can be, living in the past, especially when you love someone so much, and they made u so happy, and gone one day to soon.

I was stuck in that moment.

You told me a lot when we talked for 2hrs. And 44 mins. I got to know you, for who you are today. My past will remain my memory of you. I will leave it there in the past.

Love you,


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