I’ll always remember you for how badly you treated me

I’ll always remember you for how badly you treated me

I’ll always remember you for how badly you treated me

LTME-postHi ex,
I already had a crush on you before you asked me out. That’s why you didn’t have to fight for me. But to me it seemed like a miracle that you asked me out. Throughout the relationship (of 3.5 yes) I loved you dearly. I still do. But I guess for you it was just infatuation which faded after a month. Initially you were so insecure that you didn’t want me to go to any tournaments because you thought that I’d find someone else. I left playing that sport because of you. I had a really hard time convincing you that I loved you and only you. I cried that entire semester because I didn’t want to lose you over this. It affected my grades and may be then you realised you had to stop torturing me.

After the few initial days you started to see my flaws and started hating me for them. To you I was only a thing to flaunt and that’s why when you began to see my flaws, I seemed useless to you. You didn’t like the way I dressed, the way I walked, the way I sat and also the way I ate. All this was nerve wrecking for me.

And if all this was not enough you used me physically as well.

You demotivated me to such an extent that I still find it hard to trust myself. When I got a job in the city that you were in, I was really happy but you weren’t. We met only twice in the span of 3 months. You didn’t even care to tell me your address. You went out with your “friends” but didn’t bother to call me to hang out with you.
By this time I had had enough. I broke up. You didn’t care to respond to for another 10 days. When you finally came to persuade me after 10 days, I was naturally very hurt already that I told you to go away. I didn’t mean to say that. But after that you never came back again. I tried so hard to get you back. Called you so many times. But you were not ready to come.

It’s been an year after the breakup. Now i am tired of calling you. I am giving up on you.

Thanks for teaching me a lesson. I hope you learn yours too
And I’ll always remember you for treating me this way.

I am still trying to get over you. But I’ll not call you again or talk to you again, however hard it may seem.


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