Goodbye and good luck

Goodbye and good luck

Goodbye and good luck

LTME-postDear M,
I just wanted to say sorry for any hurt that I may have caused you and for wasting your time. I miss our chats and admit that we had a really good connection however it wasn’t meant to be.

I hope you find what you’re looking for and I think it’s amazing how hard you work and dedicated to having future for your family.

You have inspired me a lot and have taught me about my personality and my strengths and I’m a lot than I think I am.

I’m angry about the way things ended between us and I have a lot of resentment about the fact that and that feeling like you were just using me for sex and at the same time I can understand that you may have had genuine feelings for me and I didn’t push you away. Something that I’m grateful that you said to me is that I don’t need to work on my relationship with other people I have to work my relationship with myself. That is true because until I love myself I’m not able to allow someone else to love me. I’m now on a journey of self love and discovery and I hope you are too.

Wishing you well always – much love ❤️


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