28 on the 28th

28 on the 28th

28 on the 28th

LTME-postDear Chip,
Although we have been divorced for 2.5 years now and apart for many more this day still makes me feel as though it is the anniversary of a loved ones passing.

I Truly was in love with you and planned to spend the rest of my life with you. You were my everything. The day we married was a dream to me ,and never considered the nightmare the future would hold. You see the day we married you had secrets I did not know and these secrets you carry within you to day. Never being honest with even yourself. So to help to extinguish that secret your affair with bottle began. We never had a chance.

21 years later with a house and two beautiful children you wanted more as I held you back from what you could be. You now are a stage 3 alcoholic , who lives in a rundown mobile home and can’t keep a job . So how is that “I could be so much more” working for you?” Your children ? Do you remember them? The ones who are now grown with no help from you? No support or concern about their wellbeing. The house was on fire and you stopped by at the urging of s friend.You’ve lied to me , your friends , your family and the government. Oh and hey heard about you throwing panties at your exwife while we were still married. Yep thought checks a crazy loon when she calked me that day . Turns but it was true. Oh and nice high-school sweetheart with the gun down her pants and red-white and blue stockings. One thing for sure is you have absolutely no class what so ever. Best of luck to you and your immmmmm and I say this loosely, “Lady”. Perhaps it the bulge in her pants caused by what I hope is gun in her pairs and not because she/he is happy yo ser you.

Anyway, happy 28th anniversary Chip! For moment I was feeling sad about jus day and now i realize I feel sad and disappointed by What I have missed in life that you ckearlyvwere nit capable if. Happy 28th anniversary to my hopes and dreams!
I am stronger then ever and fir thst U am thankful. Sadly there is still a tiny bit of love inside for you. You gave me 2 beautiful Children even if-you weren’t happy when the test came back positive. Wow you were such a prize! Wtf was i thinking being sad today!


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