l am so so sorry if l ever wronged you

l am so so sorry if l ever wronged you

l am so so sorry if l ever wronged you

LTME-postHey…you my first love.l still remember the first day we met it was in a shop where my frend was working and she also happened to be your frend.It was love at first sight when we looked at each other l knew you were the one, that very same day you escorted me home.l was in my school uniform.we were so in love that we saw each other everyday after school l would come to your place.When l fell pregnant for you we saw our future together but hey l had a miscarriage and it was hard for you to accept and you left me without even saying goodbye.l know now you are married l do hope you are happy.l just want you to know l will never forget you.Well a lot has happened l am walking down the aisle soon and l wish it was with you.not that l dont love this new guy nah its coz first cut is the deepest l never imagined my life without you thats why, maybe in another life we will get married and take those long walks,lock ourselves in side and play poker and accompanying you to the club while am dressing like a boy.woow l miss you l am tearing as l write this but all that happened, happened for a reason.your sexy loveB (do you still listen to my the songs my sexy love,Because of you)its been 10 years since you left me.l am so so sorry if l ever wronged you.if ever you feel alone,sad just look outside the window at night you will see the stars talk to them them they will bring the messages to me l will also do the same.l hope you will read this yours heartbroken at 18 now 29 but still in pain.

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  1. Ash 2 years ago

    Yo I hope you didn’t get married because you might love that man but your IN LOVE with whom ever you wrote this too. Go get your man! Life is to short for regrets!…just saying

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