What did I DO?

What did I DO?

What did I DO?

LTME-postI’d say you’re the worst guy I’ve met so far. You knew I was scared to get hurt from the very start… u knew that! u told me you’re not gonna break my heart, you’ll take care of me, and you’ll never lie to me. I BELIEVED YOU! I TRUSTED YOU! I LISTENED TO YOU! I fucking opened the door for you and I didn’t let anyone else in. You made me feel like I was the most beautiful girl on this earth, you made me feel special, you made me think you’re not like any other guys. I hate you.. so much. Every time I get worried about us, u always say “anything is possible with love, dont think so negatively” and thats what made my hopes up.. that we’re gonna make it even if u go to college. You told me not to leave you, so I stayed! Even tho i wanted to give up I still stayed because I love you and I told myself I’m not giving up on you! I only got jealous ONCE! When you were with your female friend..you guys were hugging, cuddling, and laughing infront of me.. How does that make u feel other way round?! you paid more attention to her than me.. I never asked you to stop hanging out with her even tho I wanted to, but no cause you guys are close friends! What did u do? U still lied! U lied about hanging out with her that night and I asked you so many fucking times if you were with her u said no! I just wanted u to be honest.. I dont care if it hurts i wanted to know the truth! What did i do huh ? I STILL FORGAVE YOU! I GAVE YOU ANOTHER CHANCE CAUSE THATS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!!!! you broke up with me the next day… you fucking listened to her. You didnt even think about it you just broke my heart. I was begging for you to stay countless times. I was willing to fight for our relationship, but u gave up. And then what? now you’re here FRIENDS with me. When we hang out we act like a couple. U dont wanna put a label on us, yet im here still hoping that you’d see me as your girlfriend again… Hoping that you’d comeback… FUCK YOU! You just fucking told me I was a rebound.. then why did u ask me out? u said u wanted to learn and grow as a person right? BULLSHIT! If you wanna learn stop hurting people just so you’ll learn. Stop getting people involved your stupidity. You told me u were not comfortable telling me other things.. I told you you can tell me everything and i’ll be here on your side, I’ll be there for you. As an ex girlfriend, that fucking hurts. Her own boyfriend couldnt tell her things, cause she doesnt deserve to know, shes not helpful, she’s useless. I realized the more i stay with you the more i get hurt. Youre fucking me up. I dont know what I did to u to deserve this.. where did i go wrong? I only love you.

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  1. susan 3 years ago

    it sound’s to me like he just do give a damn about you or your feelings… just let em go.

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