Thank you … I wouldn’t have changed anything now

Thank you … I wouldn’t have changed anything now

Thank you … I wouldn’t have changed anything now


Dear SB,

It has been almost 2 years since the breakup and almost a year since we last communicated. I have told you I forgave you, but I haven’t truly forgiven you until now. You broke heart; you broke my trust. For a long time I couldn’t understand how someone who said he would give his all to our relationship could walk away so easily and move on so quickly without a fight. I used to cry thinking about you and what you did to me and to us in the end. We both made mistakes in our relationship, but I was willing to try to work on it. You said I deserve someone better than you. You said you have insecurities. I was willing to stand by you through everything and put in the work. I used to wish I could take back everything I said on that day. I used to wish you were emotionally stronger. I used to wonder why I wasn’t enough for you to fight for us. I used to…


Almost 2 years later, I understand things now…everything happen for a reason. It doesn’t matter why you broke up with me, or why everything happened on that day the way it did. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t want to fight for us. It doesn’t matter that you moved on so quickly after our break up. All the explanations and reasonings, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Thank you.

Thank you for breaking up with me. I think you saw something that I couldn’t see. The passion and feelings were there, but we weren’t good for each other then. You would always feel you weren’t (good) enough for me, and I would feel frustrated that you couldn’t see that you are enough for me. I wouldn’t want that for us. I’m glad you broke up with me then; I rather it’s then than later.

Thank you for the experiences. Thank to you, all the people, adventures, experiences, and memories that came after you, I wouldn’t change them for anything. Had we were still together, I would have never experience any of the adventures that I have been on since you and would have never meet all these people that have changed my life. So…thank you!

Thank you for breaking up with me so I could be stronger and be the better version of myself.

Now I could truly say I have completely forgiven you for all those hurtful things you did to me. I told you time will heals and it did. I wish all the happinesses, good health, and all the best in this world. You do deserve them. Don’t be so hard on yourself all the time. 🙂


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