We destroyed us

We destroyed us

We destroyed us


What are we doing?
I know you still love me. I still love you. We spend a lot of time together and are every bit as intimate as we always have been. We just don’t say “I love you” any more.

We have a beautiful bond, but we destroyed us. We tore each other to shreds and tainted something lovely. I truly believe that if we were older, more sensible people that we could have had the world but me and you, we are too firey.

I know we can’t be together. We destroyed us. We would end up hurting each other. I don’t know how to move on and I am pretty sure you’re in the same boat.

I am sorry for the things I said. I know we can’t be together but for now, let’s just keep pretending. x

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  1. Alistar 2 years ago

    i wish this was written for me.

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