Time isn’t on your side

Time isn’t on your side

Time isn’t on your side


I think about how time works, how in the last 3 years you were all I knew… time is a beautiful thing but its also inevitable and you can only do so much to make a favourable route.
your timeline always had your ex in it, whether it be 2 years from now or maybe 4 years in the past, your ex was always a constant in your life. you defied time, with each new person that came into your life, you held your own and time stuck by your side and so did your ex! in some ways im envious of that, in others im not so much… I can only hope time wakes you and you see when things change you need too aswell… you arent the same person you were 6 years ago, all your highschool friends are changing, your ex has changed (to a shrivelled old shrew, hi jade!, you bitch!)
with each new connection you make, time will repeat itself, youll think time really is on your side because you have your ex and your old highschool buddies on your side but thats so far from the truth, youve placed yourself in a groundhog day situation.
you can spend months and years filling the gap you stole out of my timeline but I can assure you, time will be on my side again…. ill change with time, open up with time and love in time and well… you’ll continue playing magic in an acne faced know it alls house perving on the nerdy girl with bigger issues than your crayola dick…
time was on your side when you met me but it wasn’t on mine! I see now after years passed, time was on my side all along.


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