I forgave you for everything you did to me

I forgave you for everything you did to me

I forgave you for everything you did to me


Here I am writing another letter that It will never be seen by my ex DH. DH i would be a liar if I told anyone that I havent think about you one bit. But i would be a bigger liar if i say that i still have feelings for you. I have thought about you. Taking a quick glance as someone who looks like you at certain angles makes me remember you and miss you. The thing is that i lost someone that for me meant a lot. I lost my childhood crush. The butterflies i used to get with excitement and happiness to have you are all long gone. When i think about you i feel sadness. Sadness because i could’ve gaven you another chance when you asked me to see you again but i was so hurted by the way things ended but also i was in a new relationship with a man who’s now my fiancé.There’s something in me that wants that closure to know that im friend with my childhood crush but at the same time i know it wont be the same if we decide to talk again because all those flashbacks are going to come back and hunt me.
I forgave you for everything you did to me. For making me travel 1 hr to see you to end up being thrown out of your apartmen because i didn’t wanted to be intimate with you; to that time you made fun of me for not having a rich family like you. Years of not knowing what i was looking for in you. And today is the day i come to terms with myself to forgive you and forget you. I wish i could go back to the day when i first met you. The day you introduced yourself as a new kid from Japan and sat next to me. I felt for you instantly. Seeing you doing classwork and those days when we used to talk a lot. But i guess those are the only memories i will cherish with all my heart. You meant a lot to me but it takes just a little spark of fire to end a friendship. I wish you well my dear friend even though it might not mean anything to you because i was just one of those girls you took advantage of.


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