I’m sorry

I’m sorry

I’m sorry


Dear Koma,
i know you’ll never see this .. i know that even if you did you wouldn’t care . I know that we’re on good terms now and i could just type this to you but i won’t. see when we first got together my world changed , i loved you like i never loved anybody … a month later my attitude towards you changed horribly and it was due to a very hurtful decision i had to make that had probably affected my whole life from here on out . I’m not allowed to talk about that situation and my feelings got all bottled up which would make any little thing set me off … i always wanted to tell you that it wasn’t your fault but really now all i can do is say sorry … i love you


  1. M 1 year ago

    You should tell him/her.

    • Tanner 8 months ago

      Yeah. That’s what I’m saying.
      Maybe then they could grow a better relationship.❤️🙃

  2. Z 1 year ago

    I got Raped. That shattered our relationship.

  3. madlen 10 months ago

    you should tell.

  4. natalie atwood 10 months ago

    dear ,

    i lay in my bed every night and before i close my eyes as i star into the blackness of my room , i rember all the times i jokes about leaving you and now that the tables have turned all i wanna say is HAHA I ACTALKY LOVED YOU. who’s butt hurt now ME

  5. Anon 10 months ago

    Why aren’t any new letters being posted?

  6. Tanner 8 months ago

    You should tell him/her. Maybe you guys could get close again🙏

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